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Contract System Administrator

Ft. Eustis, VA
FosterThomas, Inc. is a leading HR Management and Consulting firm. We are seeking a System Administrator for a 4 month assignment with our client, a government contractor, located at The Department of the Army, Ft. Eustis, VA. Ideally, this position will begin on January 4, 2021.

  1. Possess a high degree of security awareness.
  2. Assist with migrating hardware and software from the Army network to SOFnet-U
  3. Understand the importance of dealing with classified information
  4. Experience with Microsoft-based Local Area Network (LAN) that consists of  using a combination of desktop computers that are connected to the LAN, and laptop computers that connect to the LAN via docking stations and are frequently used away from home station, accessing the LAN via a Virtual Private Network system (VPN).
  5. Software services supported on the LAN include MS Office suite applications, including a SharePoint web application platform, various Government and commercial application software, internet/intranet access, shared disk/server space and supporting peripherals such as printers, scanners, copiers and plotters and their supporting servers and software.
  6. Management of the configuration and operation of the multi-user computer systems and the operational maintenance of all servers and workstations.
  7. Provide all necessary LAN system administration and technical support services including installation, setup, maintenance, data backup and retrieval, support of remote access, installation of new software and software upgrades, troubleshooting and system recovery, and security management, of the LAN hardware and application software.
  8. Responsible for establishing and maintaining all computer accounts, track and notify users of impending certificate token expiration dates, monitor the system for proper operation, and place into operation and maintain operational status of various secure communications telephonic and video-conferencing equipment.
  9. The Contractor shall test the physical security the system routinely, as per established procedures.
  10. Operate and maintain the secure/non-secure video teleconferencing (SVTC/VTC) equipment and operating systems.
    1. Monitor the serviceability of the system hardware, and recommend maintenance, repair, upgrade or replacement of VTC equipment and coordinate those efforts, as directed by the Government.
    2. Ensure that the SVTC and VTC system is operational, correct dial-up numbers and dial-up IP addresses are identified, and the Contractor’s technical personnel are present to ensure successful connection and proper operation of the SVTC
  11. Establish, sustain support, and terminate all LAN user computer accounts.
  12. Install new computers and associated peripherals, load software, perform hardware and software upgrades, and provide general hardware and application software troubleshooting and problem resolution on LAN computers.
  13. Provide constant monitoring of the LAN operating environment for system operating deviations that are or may potentially, adversely affect the optimal operation of the system, compromise data or network security, or cause a deviation from network operating requirements IAW the Department of Defense Risk Management Framework (RMF).
  14. Implement measures to manage system integrity, ensure adequate system security, and maintain adequate system capability and hardware reliability.
  15. Have strong knowledge of RMF and Public Key Infrastructure procedures
  16. Perform daily system server backups including email accounts and archiving of each user’s drive image.
  17. Assign and maintain Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for the office and workstations
  18. Install, maintain and update software and operating systems on all servers and workstations.
  19. Provide Microsoft SharePoint application technical support to include the design, evelopment and documentation of SharePoint sites that will enable workflow and data collaboration, storage, organization, sharing and integration of documents, webpages and calendars, etc.
  20. Provide Mobile Phone Support configuration as needed
  1. SECRET or higher
  2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  3. CompTIA A+ Certification
  4. CompTIA Security+ Certification
  5. DoD Risk Management Framework – strong knowledge
EEO Statement: FosterThomas is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to equal employment opportunities in recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation and disciplinary action with regard to the terms and conditions of employment.  FosterThomas does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, age, sex, disability, marital status, gender identity genetic information, sexual orientation, or sex, including pregnancy and childbirth, veteran status or any other legally protected characteristic.

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