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Airport Maintenance Technician

Kennedy Space Center, FL
Responsibilities: Responsible for performing a variety of semiskilled and skilled tasks in the maintenance of the airport and its associated buildings. Incumbent assists as needed in airport improvement projects and ensures compliance with safety requirements for an airport. Incumbent is required to use appropriate safety equipment and follow safety procedures. Duties may include pesticide and herbicide application for weed control and pest extermination to maintain airport safety.
Minimum Qualifications Required. Any combination of training, education, and experience
equivalent to graduation from high school or GED. Minimum five (5) years’ experience in facilities
Critical Skill requirements.
  1. Electrician/ Airport lighting specialized
    1. Master electrician or journeyman level required.
    2. Ability and knowledge to work with low and medium voltage electrical equipment
    3. Skilled in FAA airfield lighting equipment, including familiar with FAA CFRs and Advisory Circular 150/5345-xx for airfield lighting specifications, constant current regulators, and grounding.
    4. Familiar operating on an active airfield/ airport
  2. Runway Pavement Concrete Specialist
    1. Ability and knowledge to work on concrete and asphalt runway/ taxiways.
    2. Knowledgeable on FDOT pavement inspection requirements and repair best practices.
  3. HVAC technician
    1. Certified HVAC technician in the state of FL.
    2. Ability to work with large commercial HVAC systems to include older R-22 freon models, water cooled chillers, and small split units.
  4. General O&M repair
    1. Commercial bldg plumbing,
    2. security fence/ automated gate openers
    3. general bldg. maintenance
Special Requirements.       Must possess a valid Florida Driver's License by hire date.  
Substance Abuse Testing. Due to the safety and/or security sensitive nature of this classification,
individuals shall be subject to pre-employment and random alcohol, drug and/or controlled
substance testing.
Preferred/Desirable Qualifications. Experience using two-way radio in airport setting is highly
Communication: Communicates orally with the general public, tenant, contractors, other Space Florida
employees, Air Traffic Controllers, and other regulatory entities so that safe access to runways and
taxiways is ensured. Produces written documents, such as: inventory reports, airport inspections,
work schedules, and work orders to maintain required documentation and track costs.
Requires ability to write concise reports on maintenance or issues and maintain adequate documentation for record-keeping requirements.
Manual/Physical: Work is performed in varying climatic conditions and requires the ability to move
items weighing up to 100 pounds using assistive devices (e.g., cart, power winches, rigging equipment,
etc.). Works around or uses potentially hazardous materials (i.e., cleaning fluids, chemicals, pesticides,
paint, and similar solutions) requiring the use of specialized protective equipment. Work is performed at
a maximum height of 100 feet while doing maintenance and repair work (e.g., rotating beacons, roof
leaks, replacing lighting, and painting). Measures Precision Approach Path Indicator lights to set proper angle for aircraft approaches on correct flight path. Installs or replaces runway and taxiway lights, other
specialized airport lighting (runway end identification lights [REIL], precision approach path indicator
[PAPI], etc.) or beacon lights, and maintains airport vehicles and airport equipment.
Performs physical inventories by counting lighting and equipment items. Maintains roof panels and lights, lighting and building areas. Operates a motor vehicle or piece of equipment such as: pickup truck, bucket truck, sweeper or scissor lift. Cleans work area and equipment using a broom, mop or high-pressure equipment. Operates maintenance equipment. Moves light objects such as barricades, traffic cones, and small equipment to ensure safe airport operations. Performs groundskeeping, washes buildings; uses cleaning fluids, cement, pesticides, and compounds to maintain pavement areas. Detects hazardous situations and responds using appropriate safety measures and equipment. Inspects or monitors objects such as equipment, generator, and airport lighting to determine compliance with prescribed operating or safety standards. Monitors contractors unfamiliar with airport operations, pavement and lighting conditions and equipment conditions to determine compliance with airport safety procedures and Space Florida safety standards. Must have full color vision for work with electrical wires, paint and runway lighting fixtures to meet safety requirements. Must have sufficient range of hearing to detect traffic sounds, including awareness of overhead aircraft location, backup warning devices, and sirens. Incumbent will use common hand tools to perform maintenance duties and operate a variety of standard office equipment; may require use of personal computer (PC) and related software. Utilizes two-way radio and common tools for maintenance and operations work.
Mental: Comprehends safety and equipment manuals to maintain safe work environment. Prioritizes work in coordination with supervisors’ requests. Learns job-related material through on-the-job training and classroom instruction regarding airport safety and equipment operation. Understands and interprets blueprints and layouts in order to complete assigned tasks. Comprehends requirements of position so that work with other staff, users, tenants, emergency personnel, law enforcement and Space Florida personnel can be frequently accomplished without direct supervision.
Knowledge of:
Space Florida airport rules and regulations applicable to airport maintenance;
methods, policies and procedures of grounds and facilities maintenance;
use of small hand tools, tractor operations and diesel and gasoline powered vehicles;
maintenance and repair techniques for diesel and gasoline powered vehicles;
safety requirements of airport maintenance activities;
safety precautions and hazards common to the dispensing of fuels; and
appropriate use of pesticides, herbicides and rodent control chemicals and devices.
Skill in:
use of two-way radio and related communications equipment;
operation of motor vehicles and heavy equipment; and
communicating orally and in writing to accomplish airport maintenance.
Ability to:
interact effectively with a variety of airport employees, contractors, and tenants;
understand and implement appropriate workplace safety methods;
obtain pesticide control applicator certificate;
utilize PC and related software;
respond on short notice to emergency call out;
work in a variety of climatic conditions;
safely lift and/or move objects weighting up to 100 pounds and to work at heights of up to 100 feet;
follow written and oral instructions; and
prepare concise written reports and legibly complete required reports/forms.
The duties listed above are intended only as general illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. Specific statements of duties not included does not exclude them from the position if the
work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Job descriptions are subject to change by
as the needs of the Space Florida and requirements of the job change.
Procedures, tasks and preventive maintenance schedules will be assigned for the following areas:
AC Package Unit Semi-Annual
Air Compressor Monthly Maintenance
Air Handling Unit Quarterly Inspection
Airport Grounding Point Testing
Airport Lighting Annual Inspection
Bird Cannon Quarterly Maintenance
Boom Lift Monthly
Boom Lift Bi-Annually
Buffalo Turbine Monthly Maintenance
Building Inspection
CCR Monthly inspection
CCR Semi-Annual Inspection
Change batteries in gate remotes
Clean exterior of building
Condensing/Chiller Unit
Cutoff Saw Monthly Maintenance
Diesel Tank Inspection
Domestic Water System Semi-Annual Maintenance
DRM Annual Maintenance
Edge Light
Electric Panel Annual Inspection
Elevated Constant Light
Elevated Flasher Light
Emergency Generator Monthly Inspection
Exhaust Fan Quarterly Inspection
Exit Light Annual Testing
Eye Standalone Eye Wash Station Maintenance
Fences – Inspection and Maintenance
Fire Extinguisher Monthly Check
FOD removal using Blower
Gates & Security/Access Inspection and Maintenance
General Grounds Maintenance
Hot Water Heater Semi-Annual Maintenance
Ice Machine Clean and Inspect
Jack Hammer Monthly Maintenance
Jet Fuel Tank Annual Inspection
Jet Fuel Tank Monthly
Jet Fuel Tank Transfer Hose Replacement
Jet Fuel Tank Transfer Pump Filter Replacement
Ladder Inspection
Lighting Vault Monthly Maintenance
Lighting Vault Weekly Maintenance
Monthly Building Inspection
Monthly Elevator Testing
Monthly Emergency Lighting Check
Monthly Eye Wash Checks (Stand Alone)
New Chillers Coils
New coils
Nitrogen Cart Inspection
Obstruction Light Inspection and Maintenance
PAPI Light Inspection
Recessed Threshold Light Inspection and Maintenance
Return Air Damper Cleaning
Rotating Beacons Inspection and Maintenance
Safety Shower Inspection and Maintenance
South Windsock Segmented Circle Cleaning
South Windsock Segmented Circle Weeding
Taxiway Light
Tower Central Vacuum System Maintenance
UV Lamp Replacement
Vehicle Inspection
Vendor performed maintenance verification and reporting
Windsock Bi-Monthly Inspection
Windsock Semi-Annual Inspection
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