Payroll Manager

Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Date Posted: 01-26-2017
FosterThomas, Inc. is a leading HR Management and Consulting firm. We are seeking a Payroll Manager to assist our client out of their Wilmington, Delaware location. 

Position Summary
Manage all aspects of biweekly payroll function, including but not limited to, employee data entry, time sheet oversight and processing, report printing and distribution, payroll verification, reconciliation, transmission, and filing, and payroll system updates.
Duties and Responsibilities:   
  1. Enter employee data and changes into the system including pay, title, department, garnishments, taxes and other employment, pay or timekeeping data using source documentation.  Calculate retro and/or termination payments as needed based on hours/days worked.  Set up new hires in the timekeeping system, validate taxing and work locales in the HRIS system in accordance with the biweekly payroll schedule.  Update all data fields needed to generate an accurate paycheck on time for the new hire.  Scan source documents into online employee file for easy reference.      
  2. Perform payroll processing review and validation activities per departmental process guidelines and cut-off dates.  Generate a variety of payroll reports to verify and reconcile payroll numbers, changes and updates, e.g. the pay change report.  Verify report and spreadsheet data against payroll preview to ensure accuracy and completeness.  Review data entered by others against source documents to ensure accuracy.  Make system updates as needed to reconcile information, re-running payroll previews once changes are made.
  3. Import or enter one time payments, such as referral bonuses, commissions, retro pay, stock awards, etc. into the system from the source documents.  Identify special handling of deductions as needed for these payments in the appropriate area of the system.  May send notifications to requestor that information has been processed.
  4. Request manual checks and run separate payrolls as needed to process special payroll situations. 
  5. Oversee and manage timesheet processing in accordance with the biweekly schedule.  Generate an email reminder to managers and send to biweekly time sheet approvers to ensure deadlines are met.  Make follow up phone calls to managers as needed to get the time sheets approved by the deadline.  Obtain direct supervisor approval to process any timesheets that are overdue as of the scheduled deadlines. Close the biweekly time sheets once all information is reconciled.  
  6. Facilitate the biweekly payroll review and reconciliation.  Maintain the source documentation and review all changes to ensure the data changes have been entered, reviewed and verified in the system. Resolve any issues as needed. Maintain all payroll online files in accordance with audit best practices.
  7. Review and reconcile tax information in the system and with the appropriate state and local authorities.  Complete tax and unemployment compensation forms for new states as needed.
  8. Prepare and send the GL report to Finance for payment of payroll expenses.  Prepare and manage other reports including 401(k), H.S.A, and other third party payment processes.
  9. Complete wage verifications as authorized by employees and in accordance with departmental policies regarding the release of information for mortgages, etc.
  10. Manage the HRIS system fields and functions for payroll.   Create and update deduction and timekeeping codes as needed. Manage custom fields for data needs.   Develop file imports to automate transaction processing and data entry.  Create reports to manage the reconciliation process.
  11. Verify and manage year end payroll processes with the vendor.  Review and verify W-2 data, update expatriate, auto and other information as needed to generate accurate tax documents for employees.  Generate various year end reports to maintain accurate records for ease of future reporting.  Manage system to update new payroll year files for employees.
  12. Maintain online payroll documentation for SOX reviews and audit requests.  Respond to audit requests for data.
  13. Develop and maintain close working relationships with assigned payroll vendor team to discuss issues and ensure open communication channels for a smooth flow of information.  Discuss issues and forward data and information, e.g. wage garnishments, tax issues such as prior period adjustments and interest and penalty notifications from the state and other taxing authorities, etc.
  14. Develop and generate standard and ad hoc reports from the payroll/HRIS system.  Question report requestors to ensure data is complete and make field suggestions to ensure their needs are met. Format and deliver reports in accordance with service level agreements. Prepare governmental reports such as the EEO-1 reports.
  15. Answer elevated payroll-related questions from employees.  Research issues and respond quickly and accurately to employee concerns.
  16. Maintain awareness of payroll regulatory and system updates.  Participate in professional associations, vendor webinars and tutorials and attend conferences to understand changes, new functionality, fields, and/or rules  and identify impacts on current processes and procedures.  Suggest process changes as needed to enhance operational efficiency.
  17. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • An undergraduate degree in finance, accounting or a related field or an equivalent combination of training and experience. 
  • A minimum of 5 years related payroll processing experience.  Previous experience with ADP payroll system is a plus
  • A Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation is a plus.
Other Qualifications:  
  • Strong working knowledge of applicable state and local payroll laws and regulations
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent spreadsheet and word processing skills, e.g. MS Office and MS Outlook
  • A team player able to work effectively in a team fostered, multi-tasking environment
  • Attention to detail with the ability to prioritize and organize work and manage under strict payroll deadlines.
EEO Statement: FosterThomas is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to equal employment opportunities in recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation and disciplinary action with regard to the terms and conditions of employment.  FosterThomas does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, age, sex, disability, marital status, gender identity genetic information, sexual orientation, or sex, including pregnancy and childbirth, veteran status or any other legally protected characteristic.
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