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Director of Association Services

Washington, DC

FosterThomas, Inc. is a leading Human Capital Management Firm. We are assisting our client, a non-profit organization, in their search for a Director of Recognition Programs and Association Services, based out of their Washington, DC office. This role offers a hybrid schedule.


General Responsibility

The Director of Recognition Programs and Association Services will be responsible for overseeing and managing multiple recognition programs and services provided by the organization as well as introduction and advancing various programs back into the US Market. The role involves developing, implementing, and optimizing programs that acknowledge and celebrate achievements, contributions, and milestones within the association's community and industry. Additionally, the director is responsible for managing services that cater to the needs of the association's members.

Essential Responsibilities

Recognition Programs Development
  • Create and implement comprehensive recognition programs to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of individuals or entities within the association.
  • Develop criteria and standards for recognition and awards, ensuring fairness and inclusivity.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify deserving recipients and ensure that recognition programs align with the association's goals and values.

Strategic Planning
  • Develop a strategic vision for recognition programs, outlining short-term and long-term goals.
  • Align recognition efforts with the overall mission and objectives of the association.

Association Services Management
  • Oversee services provided to association members, ensuring they meet the needs and expectations of the community.
  • Implement and manage services that enhance the overall experience of association members.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Work closely with other departments, committees, and key stakeholders to align recognition programs and services with broader organizational initiatives.
  • Foster collaboration and engagement within the association's community to ensure effective program implementation and member satisfaction.

Budgeting and Resource Management
  • Develop and manage budgets for recognition programs and association services.
  • Allocate resources efficiently to support the successful execution of programs and services.

Communication and Promotion
  • Develop communication strategies to promote recognition programs and services to the association's members.
  • Utilize various channels, such as newsletters, websites, and social media, to raise awareness and encourage participation.

Data Analysis and Evaluation
  • Collect and analyze data related to the impact and effectiveness of recognition programs and association services.
  • Use insights to make data-driven decisions, refine programs, and enhance service offerings.

Compliance and Governance
  • Ensure that recognition programs and services comply with relevant regulations and adhere to the association's governance structure.

Continuous Improvement
  • Implement continuous improvement processes to enhance the quality and impact of recognition programs and services over time.

Leadership and Team Management
  • Provide leadership to the team responsible for executing recognition programs and managing association services.
  • Foster a positive and collaborative team culture.


  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as Marketing, Communications, Business Administration, or a related discipline.
  • Minimum four years managing association offerings in various media.
  • Several years of experience in sales, with a proven track record of success in achieving and exceeding sales targets.
  • Previous experience in a leadership or supervisory role within a sales team.
  • Minimum one year of business development and engagement experience.
  • Several years of progressive experience in roles related to program management, member services, or community engagement.
  • Prior experience in developing and managing recognition programs within an association or similar organization.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience, preferably in a managerial or directorial capacity.
  • Proven ability to lead and motivate teams, fostering a collaborative and results-oriented work environment.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs
  • Experience with ESG/sustainability/green buildings would be ideal

EEO Statement: FosterThomas is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to equal employment opportunities in recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation and disciplinary action with regard to the terms and conditions of employment.  FosterThomas does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, age, sex, disability, marital status, gender identity genetic information, sexual orientation, or sex, including pregnancy and childbirth, veteran status or any other legally protected characteristic.

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