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Head of Technology Operations

Tysons Corner, VA
FosterThomas, Inc. is a leading HR Consulting and Talent Acquisition Firm. We are seeking a Head of Technology Operations (TechOps) to assist our client in their Tyson’s Corner, VA location.

Our client is looking for a talented, innovative technologist to build a team and give them the tools, processes, and oversight that turn their operations into a Swiss watch. Scope of work includes:


  • Define and operate a robust ITIL Service Delivery program
  • Regularly execute a COBIT-based Enterprise Risk Management program
  • Implement the NIST guidelines for cybersecurity
  • Exceed all regulatory and other stakeholder expectations for operational clarity and quality
  • Guide company through annual external audits with steadily improving results
  • Move company to level 5 (optimized) of the Capabilities and Maturity Model
  • Interviewing different team members to conduct service reviews
  • Maintaining / directing maintenance of critical documents (e.g. service portfolio, service use cases, risk mitigation activities)
  • Project management for TechOps technology changes (e.g. breaking down large projects into tasks, prioritizing work, viewing demos and testing where appropriate)
  • Reviewing the cost/benefit of existing and new tools and activities
  • Operating Phishing scenarios
  • Overseeing security training (conducting or setting up Andrew to conduct sessions, managing assigned online security training)
  • Working with security staff and vendors on ongoing assessments and security topics
  • Responding to all capability and maturity questionnaires from clearing members or other stakeholders
  • Working with company’s internal auditor on internal auditing process, results analysis, and remediation planning
  • Evaluating different third-party audit standards, selecting the right ones, engaging firms to conduct them, and seeing them through results analysis and remediation
  • Drive parts of the Technology Team finance and budgeting process (defining Business Cases, reviewing contracts, approving spending)
  • Conducting risk analysis to be sure our risk program is accurate (i.e. we have the right risks defined, the net exposure to different risks is accurate, proper evaluation and association of risk mitigation activities to our risks)
  • Work with the Technology Operations team to build an understanding of the right approach to monitoring, investigation and proactive operation of Nodal technology
  • Own loss event process for production platform services
  • Own loss event process for non-production platform services
  • Put together key performance indicators (KPI) that can be sustainably produced, shared, and learned from
  • Sanity checking and testing infrastructure services
  • Researching tools and approaches that can improve company’s Technology Operations
  • Taking training courses that help build some foundational skills in key areas
Position Requirements: In short, the position requires a person who is able and eager to lead the team to greatness as described above! We are not focused on any precise prior management experience, technical skills, or industry certifications though we expect all of these could add to a candidate’s ability to perform well.
That said, here are some more abstract capabilities that we do feel are required for success in the role:
  • Excellent abstract problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills both at a detailed and high level
  • Project or process management experience
  • Broad exposure to different kinds of technologies and technology architectures
  • General understanding of cybersecurity issues
  • Customer service exposure or experience
There is a final requirement that deserves a new paragraph. Leadership of technology operations can mean presiding over huge meetings where a large staff of underlings bring forth an avalanche of KPI data backed by endless pages of policy and process documents. This is NOT that role. We seek someone who is excited about realizing a grand vision but who is also excited to actively participate in the company’s maturation. If you are not excited about writing, reading, learning, tracking, investigating, researching, and demoing in addition to the planning, coaching, presenting, evaluating, and reviewing, this role is probably not for you.
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